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I just can’t take it sometimes. 

I feel so unwanted, unloved




I feel the excess on my body

I want to tear the flesh from my bones

I want it to melt away until I’m nothing but a thinly covered skeleton, drifting through life

A delicate waif

So fragile and thin that people fear I might glide away with the wind

I want people to see me and think I’m beautiful




I will look like this

Even if it kills me 


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fitnessnewswatch:5 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution!

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I need advice/tips for losing weight. any exercises that work really well or healthy foods to eat? reply on here, message me, or kik me @ 24_7laxer


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stuingsexyrich:For more fashion and beauty pictures follow my blog ♔


For more fashion and beauty pictures follow my blog ♔


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NEW YEAR NEW YOU!! Great and easy leg routine! Add this to your fitness workout for great results! 


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Ripped Muscle X - Is it whats its all cracked up to be! I found this site and wanted to know if anyone has ever tried this product. 

Its called Ripped Muscle X - Looks very promising, just would like to hear from some other users first!


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The titanium results with titanium pro x